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examples of monogram fonts

1. Little Lord Fontleroy  2. Academy Engraved  3. Party at Gatsby’s  4. ContributePeax Webdesign Circles  5. Modern No. 20 & Bergamot Ornaments  6. Modern Typography  7. Derivia & KG Flavor and Frames

Monograms. They’re as Southern as chicken-n-waffles or biscuits-n-gravy (both of which we’ll discuss in depth at another time). In the South, we monogram everything…and I mean everything. Stationary. Hand towels. Burp cloths. Napkins. Shirts. Undies. Glasses. Belts. Cushions. If there is space on it, we’ll monogram it.

As Pinterest has taken off, monograms have started to appear more and more in New Zealand, but seem to be reserved for weddings. They are an easy and inexpensive way to brand your wedding and make it uniquely you, but they are also a great way to personalize gifts and items throughout your home (think baby showers and hand towels).

As with most things, there is a degree of etiquette required when creating and using your monograms:

For a Married Couple

Wife’s First Name Initial + Surname Initial + Husband’s First Name Initial
Jessica & Hamish Jones = SJH

For an Individual

Monograms can be organized two ways depending on their shape–same size characters (see #6 above), or middle character larger (see #2 above).

Same Size
First Name Initial + Middle Name Initial + Surname Initial
Aimee Hope Nelson = AHN

Middle Character Larger
First Name Initial+ Surname Initial + Middle Name Initial
Sarah Lyn Jones: SJL

Other Variations

In addition to traditional three letter monograms, you can also do a single initial (typically the surname) or a two character monogram. The two character monogram (see #5 and #8 above) is  a popular choice amongst same-sex couples. For those lucky ones out there (cough, cough, my husband) who have four names, there are several monogramming options, including

  • Same sized monogram using all initials
  • Stacked monogram using all four letters
  • Drop a middle initial

For more monogram inspiration and links to heaps of free fonts check out this post at Damask Love.

Where are you going to make your mark?

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