Organic Lavender Wedding Inspiration : Southern Belle Inspired No 003 Board

Images via Pinterest  |  Top Right Floral Inspiration Photo by Kelsey Combe Photography Purple has always been a popular colour for weddings, but can sometimes look a bit cliche. By pairing fresh lavender and soft foliage in unexpected places, you capture the classic elegance of lavender and your wedding photos are sure to stand the test of time! Plus, we absolutely love this champagne … Read More

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Piñata  |  Hanging Geometrics  |  Geometric Wall Art  |  Geometric Cake  |  Cupcake Topper  |   Invitation  |  Geometric Dress  |  Tablescape For 2014, it seems geometrics are the new black. They’re everywhere. And rightly so…they are so much fun! What a better way to explore your inner 80s child than with a little geometric influence for your next party. With some inspiration from above, just pick ... Read More

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Invitations  |  Bridesmaid Dresses  |  Dancing Photo  |  Table Setting  |  Bouquet  |  Place Setting  |  Wedding Cake  |  Confetti Push Pops Black & white go together like tea & biscuits! This classic combination, when done right, glows with elegance and class. When done wrong, can look like the aftermath of a hurricane at a $2 shop. The above combinations … Read More